Meet the Designer




Tram Nguyen 

Her interest in clothing began at an early age, when her mother often dressed her up for Sunday church, remembering how some outfits would perfectly fit while others were very uncomfortable.  Coming from a structured family, education was a top priority, and the passion for art was not on the list. However, her father introduced her to photography, and she and learned the beauty of art and nature. Taking all the hopes and dreams to explore her creative mind, she built up the courage to rebel against the family tradition and follow her heart.  She left her family and went to pursue her passion at University of North Texas and  was determined to become a fashion designer. Her inspirations come from all types of forms and from all sort of things, and she describes her designs as classy with a touch of modern. As a designer, she believes that fit and a well-made garment will make the person who wears it comfortable and fashionable.